She was special, not for her titles or her get. She was special

Charm wither her grandaughter
I thought I was done with buppies


Good night Charm. May 28th 1994-Nov 6th 2009.

You passed to your next path as you were born, perfectly. Conceived on my birthday, born 60 days later, given to me because I ‘deserved’ a healthy puppy, you taught me too much. All the firsts that Quark couldn’t accomplish, you did with joy. Other than that stupid bird luring you out of the tree by flying away, you never had an unhealthy day in your life. Even when we discovered you’d been competing with a ruptured disc, full of heart, the neuro surgeon was surprised you came back to complete your Agility Jumpers excellent title and your JH, and 40 more OTCh points. 3 years later, the scar tissue was severe but you were too antsy to sit at home, so at 12 you completed your RAE. Only then did you stay on the couch, saying goodbye to your kids as we left for a weekend of shows. You were the first ESS and one of the top 20 of any breed to earn a VCD title. You learned to hunt late in life, but adored it, to the point a friend had to haul you over ice because you had fallen through. You couldn’t get up because you wouldn’t give up the bird until I had taken it. I didn’t think you’d get your Championship, not even after Lauren put the five point specialty supported major on you. You kept the peace here well, other than a misunderstanding with a visiting dog, we never had a fight and we’ll miss your velvet paw. The end of an era, the end of youth. The breeder was right, she gave me a healthy dog, you passed with your vision and your hearing. Good night Charm, keep Quark in line.

Love, The Red Headed Lady and the Tall Dude and your pups, grand pups and great grand pups all over the country, wonderful pets.

Nov. 6th

We’ve lost some of the greats this year, all of an age we, as breeders, should
be proud of. Close to home, Colours and Charm, long time play mates (though as
puppies, Charm ran circles around him…he couldn’t get under the table at
Henriette’s house, where she planned her pounce.)

Sometimes I cry from grief. Sometimes from laughter. I didn’t always understand
pack dynamics, but with the many dogs over the years that came to visit, she was
very tolerant. Even the future stud dog that we had to use another dog to tease
her with, Alden. Logan was patient waiting to be able to do the deed.

So many stories, the dog who had no feet, who was carried everywhere unless she
was gaiting, heeling, running in agility or pulling in tracking, or bouncing to
hunt. Sometimes bringing me birds heavier than she was. Heart. I mentioned it on
a tracking list. My goal as a breeder was to have heart. She made my heart
bigger, so it seems fair for her to have taken a bit with her to the bridge to
hold for me until I get there.

I didn’t mention she passed next to my office chair, where she spent every
minute I was. Usually when I was gone, she slept in a sunny patch in the living
room. She left no mess, her eyes were closed, I only knew when I was feeding
everyone and she didn’t come out to investigate. If I hadn’t noticed her chest
not rising, she was perfectly peaceful.

I didn’t know how far flung her stories went, so her legacy, other than her
relatives, is wonderful to know. When Quark passed, I knew how he touched
people. It’s easy to forget how inextricably bound her stories were with his. I
thank you for sharing what you remember about her.

Mindy, how lucky I am, though now I miss having her granddaughter Cera bouncing
on me. She is so much like her grandmother and great grandfather, Charm, and

10 thoughts on “She was special, not for her titles or her get. She was special

  1. aw, mud…. this makes my heart hurt….
    When Hamish died last month, a friend sent me this….

    Hugs, Babe…

    “We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan.”
    (Irving Townsend “the Once Again Prince”)

  2. Mindy, Tall Dude, Tru, and Chrys–I know the house must be a bit quieter without her velvet paw.

    A privilege to have known her, let alone to have been adored by her.


  3. I will never forget the sweet smell of Grape Koolaid on the top of Charm’s head.

    – Glad to be the loving companion of 2 of Charm’s grand-bups, Ford and Pixie. –

  4. Hi Mindy!

    I was just checking your site to see how your dogs were. I am so…so… sorry to hear about Charm. What a wonderful part of your life has been with her….great memories! We feel so blessed to have her grandson, Bentley, as a member of our family. Take Care and Merry Christmas!

    Becky Gang

    1. Her grandchildren have all been wonderful pets! No real performance pups or grandpups, which may be why her line is ending, but what she gave to us lucky to have a part of her was greater than the titles. It’s a shame there aren’t breeders motivated to breed good healthy pets, at least for a few litters 🙂

  5. Mindy –

    I have followed your anecdotes for several years – they always make me grin and sometimes stifle laughter (somehow i never seem to read them in an “appropriate” place!) Ever since Charm’s tree-climbing incident, i’ve had a particular soft spot for her.

    I just stumbled across your blog – and read of her passing today. Just so you know, the Muddy Paws Pack has left their footprints all over more hearts than you could know, even if only virtually!

    Mair (whose own 7yo furchild Sydney is preferring all the snow to the mud any day…)

    1. Thank you Mair! It’s not hurting quite so much, but it sure feels empty here. With Quark and Charm both gone, there aren’t quite as many stories it seems.

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