Day One, San Francisco, Thanksgiving, 2009

Day One

San Francisco

Thanksgiving, November 26, 2009

Ooo. Mountains. Take pictures. Funny colored water. Take pictures.

Off the plane onto the Bart. Do you have everything? Off the Bart and onto a street car. Get off here. Where is it, it’s supposed to be here. What? The hotel. What hotel. The Palace. It’s not here. That building has 20 foot high letters that read the Palace on the roof. Is that it?

Check in, the room is ready. Dump the stuff, impressed by the bed. Take pictures. Bottled water is 7 dollars. Don’t drink the water.

Go out. Forgot sunglasses. Back to the room. Get sunglasses, back on the road. Take the street car to the Embarcadero. Look for food. No food. Nothing is open you fool, it’s Thanksgiving. What is that? No clue, it’s closed too. No, it’s an ice rink. How stupid. They have to make snow and ice, do they the non-natives miss their homes?

Any food? No food. What’s that? Thai Crepes. What’s that? Chicken avocado pesto crepe and pop. Good enough.

What time is it? Don’t know, wait. My watch is too hard to reset. So subtract two. Street vendors! Cool. I need that stuff. Why? It’s for Christmas presents. It’s junk. Not. Real stone necklaces and earrings and ooo, llama wool scarf. Do llamas have wool?

On the bus to the Golden Gate Bridge. Big orange bridge. Up to Marin Headlands. Through old Nike base. Look, it looks like the one in Milwaukee. 1950’s Big scare. Forgot the camera.

Off the bus, to the restrooms. Wups, showers. Off to beach. Look, an ocean. BIG waves. Men on surfboards trying to catch them. Too wild, untamed, no rides. They paddle back.

Bi-black German Shepherd plays on beach, looks to his master and continues to play in the surf. Slide down hill to beach. Not very mature, slide on butt down hill. Tide coming in or out. Follow the beach. Should we take the trail? The wa…Tall dude leaps onto rock, too late. Wave catches him. Soaked legs.

Take the trail, coastal sage, mesembryanthemum, potentilla. What is that? Deer. A stork. Should head back. Orange sun stains clouds orange. Orange bridge sparkles with combustion engine fireflies. Ooo, pretty. There’s the bus. Wups, too late.

Back to city, where should we go? There’s a cafe. It’s open, we can eat. Not hungry, we ate only a couple of hours ago. Where should we go. To Fisherman’s Wharf. On the streetcar, and to the Wharf. Hawking wares, twelve dollar fleece. Five dollar sunglasses, only cash for crap. Spent on scarf and jewelry. Good thing.

Smelly fish, dead sea creatures. Allergic to shell fish, let’s get out of here. Hungry yet? Any turkey? It’s Thanksgiving, everything’s closed. A Thai restaurant. Hot and spicy chicken soup, barbecue pork for him. There are smaller spoons in basket. Bright red. Used wrong Thai spoon. Red faced, both waiter and me. Thai Iced Tea, ack! Teeth…rotting, melting. Yum.

Where are we now? Lost. I think we over shot the street. We are in the Italian section. Italian signs, chianti bars. China town is next. Don’t want to climb anymore hills, no China town today. What’s that? Transamerica Tower. Ooo, pretty. Men in building putting up Christmas Dreck at 10:00 PM, or wait, is it 8:00.

Hold your purse. It’s early, should be okay, but on edge of tenderloin district. What is that? Tenderloin is good, right. No, not sure why tenderloin. Don’t trip on the dude in the box.

City Lights Bookstore, on Kerouac Street. Big time beat buff, the tall dude recites. What?

Where’s the Hotel. This is what happened last time. The map is wrong. No, not wrong, we’re facing the wrong direction. We need a transit map. We need to sleep.

Breakfast menu. Coffee, 15.00. Bakery and Cafe across the street. What about WiFi? 27.00 in the room. Complimentary in the lobby.

Transcribe what I remember. Save. What’s on tap tomorrow?


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