San Francisco, Black Friday, Nov. 27, 2009


San Francisco
Black Friday
November 27, 2009

Coffee in Palace Lobby. Civil Engineer, originally from Chili. Went to UWM. He says: You seem surprised.He met wife, from Steven’s Point. Small world. Lives in Reno, knows Lone Pine CA where Red the buppy lives

Alamo Square park. Look at painted ladies. Ooo, pretty. LOOSE DOGS. Vizla, Cardigan Corgi, Rhodesian Ridgeback. Corgi can’t keep up. Ridgeback runs thump thump thump to me. He’s nice. He sniffs. Warm wet leg. Yuck. He never pees on people! Just me. *sigh. Yuck* Tall Dude better not laugh, he had fish piss on him yesterday. Go back to The Palace on Streetcar and change.

Herds of zillions of people. Bargains! Bargains! Bargains! Don’t get run over!

Golden Gate Park. Conservatory of Flowers, modeled after Kew Conservatory. Met tour guide. Dracula and Masdevillea orchids. Architecture building at UWM is where her childhood home was. Former psych major, then to Madison, then Building Manager at UC Berkley. Small world times two. Beautiful. Can we stay. NO NO NO. Too much to do, too much to see!

Gift shop! Out door banners from last year. 10 dollars! Bargain! Buy! And SF glass ornament. Don’t break. Not charged for ornament. You didn’t. You sure? Oh, yeah. Shop quick. Don’t let Tall Dude see me. How I learned to pick out things fast! Cute middle aged guy. Flirt? Yeah, but looking at Tall Dude.

San Francisco Botanical Gardens. Primitive Plants. Cycads, Tree Ferns. Dinosaur Crossing. Scented garden. Eh. Japanese Gardens. Demons beware! Crookedy bridge. Humans caution on crookedy bridge. Big fish, little trees.

Golden Gate Park. Band shell, naked lady, not painted lady. Yellow Lab. On leash. Wants to say HI HI HI. What is with the dogs here?

Lunch. Inner Sunset Neighborhood. Homeless sheltered in doorways. Vietnamese! Pho for him, Five spice garlic chicken noodles for me. Yum! Vietnamese coffee. Yum. Real Cream. Uh oh. Cramps. Ladylike Burp. Garlic. Yuck. Return to Palace. Nap.

China Town! Bargains! Two Fleece for twenty. Two scarves for 17.95. Yes. Buy. Uh oh. Cheaper down block. Shrug. Persimmons! Cheap. Buy. Yum. Wups. Cheaper next market. Dead fish. Smell. Yuck. Pretty view. Take Pictures. Take lots of pictures. Alcatraz. Stand in street. Oooo. Pretty. Gallery, Glass works. Chahuli?

Ghiardelli Square! Pretty! Stores. No bargains. Go to pier. Take pictures of three masted ship. Old boats. Alcatraz. Golden Gate! Bay Bridge. Ooo, pretty! Sunset. Pictures bad. Some good. Yay. Wait. How? No more. Stand on pier. Crab fishermen get busted. Pretty lights, police car. How did it get on the pier.

Back to Ghiardelli. Buy hot fudge peanut butter sundae. Mmm. Yum. Too much. No CREAM! Eek. You must. Share. Beg. Tall Dude finishes. No dinner! Cannery. No bargains. Try to get on Trolley. Long line? Goes fast, let’s wait. We wait. We Wait. We Wait. Near the front. No Trolley. Why? Needs a tow truck. It’s broken. Four Trolleys backed up. One hour waited. Just bad luck. Too cold. Take bus.

Stop at Union Square. Tree lit! Insane.Whee! Ice rink! Whee. Big Deal. Walk back to The Palace. Download pictures later.


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