I’ve been asking about what people feel when they do different things to try to figure out why. Why do some people want to crawl into history (my niece, her uncle) or need to touch the Earth, Cringe at the Earth, need to fill their lives with Animals, or won’t. Have to run, or won’t. I guess it might be the same thing for writing, or painting, or whathaveyou, but I’ve found that those kinds of hobbies seem more intense, less relaxing. I can’t zone out if I’m working on a model or painting.

I had 60 kids come through my greenhouses today. I can usually get about 2 % that are really interested in plants. Already talking about having a greenhouse, or lots of plants in their homes when they grow up. I mainly get city kids so they don’t always have the opportunity to work with plants or parents that spend much time with them, much less in a garden. I think they’re hard wired.

I know I was. My mom is certain I was a changeling. I was born in NY, to parents who think food comes aseptically wrapped at the store. Pork does not equal pig, beef is not cow. And I have no clue what they think of chicken. Eggs sure don’t come from the rear end of a hen.

Oh, and dog people and plant people are not necessarily inclusive. Some of my friends think plants are pretty, but they gravel their yards to keep their dogs coats clean. Or heaven forbid having a cat or dog around that might eat their plants.

Has to be innate, genetic, but I guess I’ll leave behavioral genetics to students like Tiff who was my dog nanny, house helper, and greenhouse waterer.

If it isn’t science that only leaves magic.

2 thoughts on “Magic

  1. And some people love the idea of a pretty garden but their dogs have landscaping ideas of their own. Dogs and plants definitely mutually exclusive in my experience. Possibly I shouldn’t have thrown a handful of bonemeal into the hole when I planted clematis. They lasted less than three days, which was a new low.

    On the plus side, the climbing roses I planted to stop the canine escapologist scaling the fence are beautiful.

    Are there really people that don’t enjoy being around plants? They bring such a sense of tranquillity. Now if I can just master the art of keeping them alive…

  2. Like being around them? Sure! Willing and able to take care of them? That’s a different matter. After what care the humans, dogs, and cats need, I have nothing left for plants.

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