Eyes of the Tiger

by Mud Mymudes on Saturday, December 25, 2010 at 3:06pm
I was caught in the eyes of a tiger, today. It was laying with its mates, in the back of the cage. I had walked over from one of the other big cat enclosures and was immediately drawn into the tiger’s gaze. It wasn’t hungry, just interested in what the oddly dressed blob was doing outside the glass, We locked eyes for several minutes before the tiger fixed its eyes on the people who had just walked over. The moment was gone.

The zoo is free today. The Tall Dude, ever thrifty, decided it had been far too long since we went last. So, after a frantic search for my mittens (one under the van, one within, with a few attempts to fit into the Tall Dudes gloves…fat chance), then remembering the camera, off we went, over hill and dale (poor dale).

The wolves were getting presents today, Tall Dude is a wolf aficionado. His favorite dog was the one that scared me the most, my GSD Tears. Tears loved him…as long as I wasn’t in the room. Then she wouldn’t let him near me. He took her back to her breeder in NY, a last chance to say goodbye and visit his sister. The springers are as distant to wolves as jellyfish are to us. At least, in his opinion.

Brightly wrapped boxes were brought into the enclosure, and the three wolves pounced on them, ripping the wrapping and the boxes to find their surprises inside: frozen field mice for snacks, bits of caribou and elk fur to roll on, pigs ears to swallow, and giant raw hide bones. There is something sort of wrong seeing a large timber wolf male, with his magnificent ruff, long black tipped white hairs, grey eyes, with the knobs of a rawhide bone sticking out from either side of his muzzle.

The penguins were as fascinated by us as we were of them. Did I mention I brought my camera? Oops, forgot the memory card. Yes, there is an internal memory of about, oh, 3 pix. I took one of the penguin, which will stay on the camera forever. I don’t have anyway of getting it to the computer. I should have brought my IPod.

The jaguars were bored. The big male Mandrill attempted to copulate with the female. Who walked away and gave him the finger. Wish I could have taken a picture of that. The lions slept, evidently stuffed with Christmas dinner. The snow leopard looked dead, upside down in the snow. If its chest hadn’t been rising and falling I would have thought they should come remove. it.

A baby orangutan kept clambering on an electrical spool to a hose hanging as a vine. It would grab on before swinging into the wall.
George, George, George of the jungle, watch out for that tree. Your guess is as good as mine why it wanted to mash its face in. Maybe it didn’t get the toy it wanted?

Ended with a lovely Earl Grey suffused with bergamot oil, and a chocolate chip cookie before going home to the pack.

My own animals received frozen beef heart chunks and the betta got a clean fish bowl.

Happy Holidays from the Muddy Paws Pack!


4 thoughts on “Eyes of the Tiger

  1. Happy holidays, Mud! Lucky wolves. Ford and Pixie got a 16-squeaker flat hedgehog toy. They will also get a Hide-a-Bird birdhouse stuffy later this week.

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