F The Day!

F the day. I forgot to depressurize the backpack sprayer last night when I finished at the off campus greenhouse. This morning, while I was gathering my gear to come in, the handle got caught in the van door. I didn’t realize that my knees were being sprayed with spray until they were sodden. Hell, it’s raining outside.

Got into the greenhouse, ran to the shower room. No way was I taking a COLD shower when only my knees were affected. Looked for soap. Hm. Spic N Span or SOS. Grabbed box of SIS and removed jeans. Rinsed legs off with wet t-shirt I had in the locker. Soaked in SIS. Realized it was more likely to cause rash than the pesticide. Rinsed off best I could in sink. Soaked down pants and rubbed in SIS.

Went to bookstore with sodden jeans. Felt like a zombie as I shambled in my heavy wet jeans. Got in and of course the big clearance area didn’t have sweatpants.

Bought 30 dollar Panther Pride Sweatpants I shall NEVER wear again. In medium. I have to go on a diet. They are a bit tight in the butt.
Went to ladies room. Stripped off sodden pants. Used soap from dispenser. Wiped down with towels. So much SIS that my knees foamed. I couldn’t get my legs up to rinse them well. Should have taken the cold shower.

Students are walking in, see the old broad with the fat, pocked legs and lift eyes to heaven. Ladeda. Not seeing anything. I go back to rinsing with paper towels. Slide on Sweat pants. Realize that my socks are soaked and keys are NOT comfortable in pocket of sweat pants. Go back, and spend more money on Panther Pride socks and a lanyard. Which hits my big belly, reminding me, I need to go on a diet.

Sat in study area, removed tags from socks with my teeth, since I forgot to have the clerk do it. Slide on socks and realized my shoes are wet, as well as my orthotics. I’ll wear my nice dry rubber boots. Oops, not going to happen. Water slid in them yesterday when I groomed plants as I was watering and the hose slipped.

Wet shoes.

Good morning. How was your day? I’m walking around like a stuffed bumble bee.



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