The Negotiator Series, Hand Of Flame, C.E. Murphy.

Hands Of Flame (Negotiator Trilogy, #3)Hands Of Flame by C.E. Murphy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this series. There were many characters that I wish had been expounded on, but I discovered that C.E. Murphy has short stories with Janx, Biali and Malik. I bought them.

In C.E. Murphy’s world, gargoyles, selkies, djinn, dragons, and vampires, make up the old races, the last remaining on Earth. Humans have been crowding them out and the Old Races are both hidden and going extinct.

Times have changed, however the immortal Old Races have not. Alban, a gargoyle, watches over Margrit, a human he is taken with. Margrit is a very good attorney who wants to make a difference, and is drawn into the Old Races disputes as their negotiator.

In this last book, Alban and Margrit have to come to their own agreement as to whether to be together or not. It requires the Old Races to accept that outcrossing to humans is not a banishing offense, secrets revealed about the birth of two half old races and half human children, and a battle scene where Margrit has to fight to keep Alban from being banished.

The book wrapped up Alban’s and Margrit’s story perfectly, and even Tony, her former boyfriend, appears to have a happy ending.
I’m looking forward to reading the short stories and getting immersed in the Old Races world again.
Nice, unusual take on old myths.

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