Magic Slays Review

Magic Slays (Kate Daniels, #5)Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I usually keep my TBR pile in order, however, well, somethings are like chocolate: it’s too good to let sit around.
So I bought the book and while I was waiting for the paper, downloaded it to Kindle and sucked it down.

Unlike Magic Bleeds, this books sets up a lot avenues for Kate to take in her future war with her father. She learns more about what and who she really is. She also gains a new understanding for the motivations of the man she called her father, though they shared no common blood. The discovery of what Kate’s mother really was offers more insight into where Kate has gotten all her strengths from. It also scares her.

In many ways, MS feels more like a bridge to the future books, though it wasn’t an unfinished piece in the slightest. Saving magic and magic wielding humans and creatures IS important in Kate’s world, and she is very successful at asskicking the job done.

Kate is intelligent, more so than she even realizes, and in MS she listens and learns crucial information about how to control her blood and where her strengths lie. She also has to overcome the programming her foster father and her guardian and learn to accept the help from her friends.

Ah, and Curran. Unlike many other series where the relationship grow soggy once they are consummated, Curran and Kate keep up the snarking and competition. Kate still can’t accept that Curran actually cares for her. First, she was worried because of the eventual clash between her blood father and herself, and the fear that everyone she is close to died. Now she is worried he had ulterior motives in becoming her mate.

It’s a wonderful book crafted in the way expected from Ilona and Gordon. Five stars. Now, to read the Hex short before I return to my regularly scheduled TBR pile.

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