Raven Cursed (Jane Yellowrock, #4)Raven Cursed by Faith Hunter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are heavy, deep books that are full meals. Then there are books that are like chocolate, a tasty snack that you want more of. The Jane Yellowrock series is like that.
Jane is changing, in a good way. Not exactly softer, she is still hell on wheels, but she is opening up to new friends and sharing her past with more than just Molly and her family. It puts Jane in a much better head space.

New Orleans MOC (and apparently Master of more than the city of New Orleans) Leo Pellesier sends Jane back to her home in Ashville, NC to act as security during a parlay between the MOC and a Master Vampire who wants to hold his own territory. Instead of just handling security, she is hired to prove that killings of campers are not the work of vampires. When she finds out the murders are due to rogue werewolves, she is commissioned to put them down.

Poor Ricky-Bo is going through his own were crisis. His mentor, a were-leopard from Africa, isn’t very good at his job. Besides, the African were wants to kill him for stealing his mate. Rick’s tattoo’s make things even more difficult. They have bound the magic so he can’t shift. Instead he is left incapacitated, in the throes of a shift that can’t be consummated. Worse, because he carries the were-taint, he can’t consummate other things… that doesn’t mean they can’t get down to other adult recreational things. *Kof*

During the were-battle story line, we discover more about how black Evil Evie has become. She has done the unthinkable and effectively stolen her families energy for her own dark purposes. Some of Evie’s back story is revealed, though nothing convincing that she has any redeeming qualities

On top of the security she still has to provide, destroying the rogue werewolves, hunting down the Grindy for help, getting closer to making up with Big Evan, helping Rick, there is also the little matter of Bruiser acting hot and cold to her on the phone. More questions raised as others are answered.

I really love reading this series. Dark Urban Fantasy chocolate without the calories, a great read with Dracula-like vamps and witches that cover the spectrum. What’s not to like! Well, finishing this one too fast. Oh, wait, there is another due for this year!

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  1. Nice review, Muddy babe. I’ve been reading lots of light romances lately, but your post reminds me how much I like this series, too. Really should read this one. 🙂

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