Review of Blood Trade, Book 6 of the Jane Yellowrock series

Blood Trade (Jane Yellowrock, #6)Blood Trade by Faith Hunter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The latest in Jane’s tale reminds me of a chocolate covered espresso bean. Smooth, bittersweet on the outside, and hard and full of energy on the inside.

Jane’s character is stretching. She’s continuing to discover things about herself, including that relationships are difficult, whether they are romantic interests or close friends.

In the meantime, she’s also learning that vampires aren’t all that they seem. In Jane’s world, they never sparkle, they are dark, generally charismatic, and egotistical predators. They also appear to be evolving into something not quite as attractive, but far harder to kill. It doesn’t matter how hard it is to nail these rogue vamps, it’s Jane’s job to kill them and she’s the one that has to figure out how.

Since Jane is a Cherokee Skinwalker who shares her body with the soul of Beast, a cougar, she has a few more tricks up her sleeve than the average vampire killer-security expert. Beast and Jane are more than their sum. In the past, Jane seemed to fight Beast when in her panther form, but now they seem to be working more as a team. Which is good, since in the last book, Leo Pellissier managed to link himself to Beast. Beast doesn’t seem to mind the shackle around her paw, she’s admires Leo’s strength and is interested in mating with him.

Jane isn’t too thrilled with the concept.

Her back now covered by close friends that might even be construed as family, Eil Younger and his brother, she is learning to be more human, and still holding onto her Beast. And Beast, that most clever of characters, is gaining strength of her own. She also finds out that she may not have alienated or others that she loved.

A strong Urban Fantasy story that contains aspects of a police procedural, unique in its take of a supernatural world. These books get better and better with each release.

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